Sometimes I miss the ease of dealing with my old Mk4 lol


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Apr 23, 2010
2007 Seat Alhambra 2L tdi
Had a right knocking coming from the front left of the car, sounded like a knackered ball joint but every time I checked I couldn't find play. In the end I figured it had to be the strut top. Anyway on this particular car you have to remove part of the rain tray thing to get access and when I did it became obvious the problem was the strut top.

As you can see it is sticking up to far, also it's rusty as hell due to the stupid location! Anyway I cleaned off what I could, then soaked in penetrating fluid plus soaked a piece of kitchen roll in penetrating fluid then added more on top. Finally wrapped the whole lot in cling film and left it for a couple of days lol.

Even with all that it was awkward to get the nut off, luckily I have a little chefs blowtorch I was able to use and finally got it all apart. Once I got the old parts removed I could see it looks like the bearing packed up first then took out the bush

Must say that was way to much fun, not! I remember how simple these things were on the golf, access etc.

But the end result is it's all lovely and quiet again. Here's the car so you can see what I'm dealing with.