****SOLD****FS: 2005 MK4 Jetta BEW 5 speed(original) 2750$ located in New Orleans, Louisiana


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Mar 25, 2022
New Orleans
White on tan
It will need a TB in about 10k.
Needs rear trailing arm bushings. Drives fine just makes annoying noises over bumps.
No carpet and rough seats due to past sunroof leak. Original owner took out the carpet and never replaced. Dash is perfect and door cards are passable.
Every electronic component works. Driver rear door is finicky with the lock. Sometimes you have to manually lock it.
It’s got the tiniest oil leak from a return line, I assume. It’s been in my driveway for a month and there are 2 or 3 literal drops of oil. Boosts fine.
Noise from what I assume is the alternator or tensioner pulley.
All 3 keys, owners manual, all tools and spare.
I thought they gave me the original window sticker but I can’t find it.
I got it from a family in Florida. They were pretty cool and not trying to get over on anyone. It was the uncles car that was sold to the nephew. Uncle was a euro mechanic and did all the work. I trusted their word because not many people go out of their way to sell a car to someone from out of state with 1000 questions when they could have gotten the same in state with no hassle. Good Christian family. They prayed over me when I left to make it home safe and have a great life.
This is all a spoken history I took as truth.
It is from Florida. Not even a touch of surface rust on anything and the paint is amazing and surprisingly sheen. Bumpers have damage and needs one twilight though it works and has most of the lens.

Timing belt was last done at 90k before being sold to the nephew.
Clutch done at 150k when it started slipping.

Other than that maintenance was done by the uncle whenever he would come home from school. They told me it stayed parked at his college out of state and he only drove it back and forth to Florida because transportation around campus was great. Believable due to mileage.
He moved back and got a job in his field and was ready to purchase something new.
Runs and drives fine and straight. I’ve been driving it around my neighborhood on my off days with no plate for fun. I’ve had no problems.

Sadly, I convinced myself I could have a project and with 2 kids and my fire fighting schedule, I just don’t have the time.

Found a completely rebuilt alh golf for a good price and going to get that so I can drive right away.
Just need this one out of my driveway.
2750 is what I have into it without transport. I don’t know if that’s a reasonable price for a running and driving BEW with such mileage but I’d like to get that to break even.
I have no idea how to add pictures on here. If there is interest, shoot me a text and I’ll send whatever pictures and videos you want.


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Mar 1, 2017
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mk4 Jetta
Go to pics.tdiclub.com upload that way.. GLWS 2500 should be a decent price for someone to build themself a wagon