SOLD: FS 2002 Jetta MT $1,500 -- Woodinville, WA


Jan 23, 2020
2002 Jetta
Good afternoon folks,

Putting my MK4 Jetta for sale due to some bills I need to take care of. I purchased this back in 2019 with approx. 370k miles after lurking on the forum for awhile. That being said, it was the first TDI I've owned so far and learned a few things along the way, but did keep up with routine maintenance and didn't go too drastic with some of the changes I've made to it. This has been a very good car to me, and I am sad to let it go, but other responsibilities come first.
From memory, the changes and major maintenance items that I can remember offhand are as follows:

2019 --
  • Smoked LED side markers
  • Pedal kit
  • Glow plug harness
  • Fumoto valve (best $30 I've ever spend for oil changes).
2020 --
  • Boost gauge
  • Replacement arm rest cover
  • Replacement shift knob & boot
  • Replacement clutch kit & serviced transmission at time of replacement. **Clutch was previously changed from DMF to SMF. When I replaced it, I kept it as SMF, and replaced the clutch with a fresh flywheel**
2021 --
  • Timing belt & assembly replaced at 379,232 miles
  • coolant temp sensor & coolant flush
  • secondary fuel pump & relay replaced
  • New glowplugs and the harness previously purchased installed
2022 --
  • Jensen radio swap (bluetooth capability) kit from Crutchfield
  • Window tint done at a local shop all around
  • VAGCOM cable kit (never used, still new in bag).
  • Bilstein OEM shocks/struts front and rear
  • Top hat bushings & bearings
2024 (as of February) --
  • fuel filter
  • air filter
  • oil filer
There also were a few additional changes to the car that you will likely notice through the photos. The seats were pretty worn down and stained when I first got it, and around 2021 - 2022 I replaced the fronts and rears with a set of black leather seats from another Jetta that was parted out locally. I did this not only to have a better set of seats, but also the lumbar adjustment was a significant upgrade for me. Also during that time, the headliner had began to sag, and was not looking that great. It was around that time that I told myself I am a pro at figuring things out and tried my hand at redoing the headliner. That being said, yes, It looks like s*** but hey it works :LOL:

In terms of maintenance that was completed during the time of my ownership, I have religiously stuck with T6 Rotella every 10k miles and have used either Mann or Hengst filters. The same applies to the fuel filter every 20k -- I have used Liquimoly DP and only used Mann or Vaico filters.

The cons with the car:
  • has 405k miles. I know some folks, especially those who aren't privvy to TDIs will gripe about high mileage, but it is what it is.
  • Has a rebuilt title. At time of purchase, the previous owner had told me about his misadventure with a bird that took out the driver side headlight, ruined the fender and the hood. Insurance wrote it off due to it being a 20 year old jetta with +300k on it. Needless to say, the PO went to a pick n pull and found replacements for those components.
  • Brake light and airbag light lit on dash. The brake light came on recently on my way back home from a trip, and I haven't had the opportunity to replace the brakes. Airbag light came on due to swapping out the old seats for the new leather ones -- the issue is that the plug was not compatible with the harness that is in this vehicle. Personally, I don't mind not having airbags in my seat as there are still several other bags that will work worst case scenario, but putting it out there for the sake of transparency.
  • Windshield needs replacing.
  • Tires have a little bit of tread, but could also be replaced.
  • Bushings need replacing (front sway bar, possibly control arm ones as well, but am not certain).
  • Overall, car looks like its 20 years old (hood insulator looks tattered, rockchips, a little dirty, etc.)
The pros with the car:
  • Critical maintenance has always been a priority for me and the previous owner. Has always been topped up and up to date with the fluids, belts, filter changes, and their intervals.
  • It will not leave you stranded -- Last summer I took this old gal around to Medford, Boise, Kalispell, and back to the Seattle area. Even with it's mileage, this car personally surprised me with the durability and reliability of the mechanical components, and I would not hesitate to keep driving it if I could.
  • The PO informed me that the mileage he put on it was primary on the highways taking him down to California and Oregon for work. I have also primary used this car for highway driving, but mostly for taking it up to Bellingham and over to eastern Washington every few weeks or so.
  • Consistently gets between 50 - 55 mpg on the highway. I don't know if the PO did a 5th gear swap or something, but I get about 700 - 750 miles per fill up, and just set my cruise control between 60 - 65mph when on the interstate.
  • Not tuned or modified with aftermarket components. Not for lack of want, but I never was able to have both the money and time to go crazy with aftermarket nozzles, turbos, tunes, etc. I know the turbo is a VNT15, still has the stock intercooler, and it certainly feels like its stock. I have used this car almost exclusively for its efficiency during prolonged trips, and just drove it as I bought it.
  • Aftermarket headunit with bluetooth, comfortable seats, nice dark tint.



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I think it's worth more than your asking price, but I'm not in Washington and don't know the local market conditions.


Jan 23, 2020
2002 Jetta
I think it's worth more than your asking price, but I'm not in Washington and don't know the local market conditions.
Could possibly be, but I know some people are really anal when it comes to title status and details like the headliner and seats being swapped and the mileage being a higher number. WA folks are definitely a different breed 😅 and I'm just looking to settle a medical situation as soon as possible. Thank you for the optimism though!