SOLD - 2005.5 Jetta BRM TDI - 5-speed - GTB1749vc with PD150 Injectors - 283k miles - KY - $4500


Jun 6, 2013
The Center of Kentucky
'05.5 Jetta TDI, '15 Q7 TDI
2005.5 MK5/MKV Jetta BRM TDI - 5-speed - GTB1749vc Turbo with PD150 Injectors - 282,877 miles - $5000 OBO

This car has been an awesome daily. Only left me stranded once in 7 years (fuel pump) and it's a blast to drive with the power upgrades. Only selling because I’ve bought a 2015 Audi Q7 TDI and no longer drive the Jetta, otherwise I’d keep another 7 years! If you come to me when purchasing I have a 2-post lift in the garage and you’re welcome to inspect the car thoroughly top and bottom. I have an excel spreadsheet I can share with any potential buyer showing every maintenance item and otherwise that’s been completed on car since I purchased. Located in Buffalo, Kentucky, around 1 hour south of Louisville, KY.

Early 2005.5 Package 1 car (heated seats, dual zone auto climate, rain sense wipers, auto headlights, full MFD+, Moonroof, NO driver memory seat)
  • Frank Cam Stg 2 - 170k by previous owner
  • GTB1749vc turbo from Darkside
  • PD150 injectors
  • 3 Bar Map
  • Custom Malone tuning
  • EGR Delete
  • Gutted Catalytic
  • Boost/EGT Vent Gauge
  • Koni STR Struts/Shocks
  • Southbend Stage 2 Endurance Clutch
  • DG Sigma 5 Shifter
  • 17” OEM Wheels from 2010 Jetta TDI (New Tires)
  • 18”x8” RS4 Replica Wheels (Need Tires)
  • Pioneer AVIC Headunit and upgraded speakers
  • Black GTI/GLI style honeycomb grill
  • ZiZa Interior LEDs
Recent Maintenance:
  • Oil Changes 10k with Mann Filters and HDEO 5w-30 or 5w-40 – 2 used oil analysis I can share
  • Timing Belt replaced at 262k (High Mileage kit from IDparts with water pump)
  • New Tires 278k (Black Lion BU64 225/45R17)
  • Rear Drivers Side Caliper (266k) and Pads (278k)
  • Radiator replaced 281k (used OEM)
  • Headliner replaced 262k (new OEM)
  • All filters (air, cabin, fuel, oil) changed on schedule with Mann
  • Parking Brake Cables replaced 262k
  • Driver’s Door Wiring Harness Replaced with new 278k
The Bad (full disclosure):
  • For 280k and 16 years the body, paint and interior are great condition for age, but not perfect
  • Large paint chip above windshield (There when purchased and has not grown)
  • Minor rust bubbling on 2 fenders, driver’s rear and pass front. See pictures. Paint still on surface.
  • Driver’s side mirror scratched and clearcoat gone.
  • Driver’s lower seat has split in left bolster
  • Small split in top of dash on pass side (There when purchased, has not grown)
  • Minor oil leak on back of engine, believe to be turbo drain seal. Leaks/burns < 0.5-1 quart in 10000 miles.
  • Minor Exhaust leak in downpipe (can smell if sitting in traffic)
  • Minor Clutch/Pressure Plate squeal on take off sometimes. Has done it since purchased, no better no worse.
  • Auto-down for windows doesn’t work on an off. Regular Up/Down for all works just fine
  • Typical VW wear on tear on the most used ‘soft-touch’ buttons and surfaces
  • Extra set of wheels, 18x8 RS4 replicas
  • OEM Projector Fog Lights and ECS Wiring Harness included (never installed)
  • Extra Spare Tire (From a 2010 Jetta TDI)
  • Both hard plastic and carpeted trunk liners included (see pictures)

All Pictures:



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Jan 23, 2006
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Tempted here as well. Do you know if Kentucky provides temporary plates for an out of state buyer?


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Sep 28, 2005
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They do not Berks as our tags don't have to be turned in, so it could just be driven home on the KY tags as long as BBottoms is ok with it.


Jun 6, 2013
The Center of Kentucky
'05.5 Jetta TDI, '15 Q7 TDI
Tempted here as well. Do you know if Kentucky provides temporary plates for an out of state buyer?
I've bought multiple vehicles from out of state but never sold one out of state. I'm not aware of any temp tags KY provides unless you purchase from a dealer. I could inquire though if you are interested. KY does require that I retain my plates when I sell out of state then turn them in, however, that's not really enforced. AutoTrader runs down the KY rules pretty well:

I'm sure we can work it all out though. Let me know if you're interested!