SOLD! 1996 Passat GLX VR6 5sp SOLD!


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Nov 19, 2012
Frederick, Maryland
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I bought this 1996 Passat GLX VR6 5sp. about 2 years ago from the 2nd owner to do a tdi conversion one day. She bought it when she live in Oklahoma in 1998 with 54,650 mi, then moved to N. Va.. The Michelin Pilot tires only have 3000 mi. the PO said when I bought it, I only drove it for about 200 mi. since I've owned it and it's amazing the difference between the TDI and the GLX VR6 in the handling and brakes. It has the owners manual and I even found the original front license plate holder in the plastic bag it came with in the trunk were the spare tire is. The PO gave me a pile of repair receipt's on the car. She had the cluster replace and the odometer on the cluster now is about 124,000, she said the cluster was change at 63,700, so the car has about 188,200 on it. The things I have found that is not working is AC, fog lights, power mirrors, Airbag & ABS light stays on.
This is a great candidate for conversion or can be driven and converted later.

Asking $1,900.
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