SOLD — 2005 Golf TDI 1.9 manual, white, original owner, 129k miles Los Angeles, $2,500


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Feb 11, 2021
Los Angeles
2005 Golf TDI 1.9 Manual
  1. Apologies for not including this in the listing, oops! I'm going to stick with cash for payment for this or BTC. Wish I had more trust in Paypal/Venmo. Open to other forms if there's seller protection.
  2. Specifically, I'm in Highland Park (Northeast Los Angeles) if anyone is considering.

  1. Photos now posted.
  2. All headrests are in the trunk right now.
  3. The missing wheel is also in the trunk currently. Haven't patched the flat.

Just to be up front, I’ve had an account on this forum (as “mexist") since 2007 but couldn’t get that account back for some reason so I’m here with this brand new one.

I’ve had my Golf since I purchased it new from a dealership in 2005.

History: For the first few years I ran it mostly on Biodiesel (B20 B80). Usually Willie Nelson’s truck stop station west of Dallas.

From about 2008—2013 most driving consisted of me reparking it since I lived in San Francisco with occasional short trips. When in SF, I occasionally still used B20 from the local biodiesel coop there and a station in Santa Cruz. I realize that’s irrelevant to some but just noting if that affects anything.

Since then, it’s been here in LA and was my main car up until about 2 years ago.

I have two kids now so we’re opting to join the minivan club since we’ll have car seats for the next 5 or so years at least. Only reason I wanted to sell here and not Craigslist or do a trade-in is because I really want it to go to a fellow TDI fan.

Miles 129,422
Mk4 body
Monsoon sound system
Cassette player works
Never had smokers

Known issues:
  • Broken driver mirror housing, someone smacked my mirror and it broke the housing. Just don’t have the time to fix it myself.
  • Headliner starting to detach in a couple spots
  • Passenger seat heater is out
  • Needs a brake job
  • A few bumper scrapes from San Francisco street parking life days.
  • Tire tread ok but one tire has a flat that I haven’t repaired so sitting on the full-size spare currently
  • Passenger airbag light has been on for years, mechanic said it wasn’t an issue but just FYI
  • Power lock for passenger door doesn’t work, have to open it using interior handle
  • Rear wiper is loose. Probably needs to be replaced.
  • Slow oil leak

Maintenance and other info:
  • Timing belt - I’ve replaced it in the last 4 years but need to dig up my receipt
  • Brand new battery installed January 2021 (car sat unused in driveway during most of 2020)
  • Moonroof works fine
  • AC works great
  • Windows all work
  • Drives well except the suspension original so not quite the firm hold anymore
  • I know this is totally subjective but I’m not an aggressive driver at all FWIW. Tend to go for fuel economy.

Apologies for the lack of current day photos right now but in the meantime:

Asking price is $2500

I realize I’m posting prematurely but if anyone in the LA area wants to meet up, I can do that. Otherwise I’m planning on having it washed this weekend and will take a ton of photos. Will also gather up maintenance history docs.
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Oct 23, 2015
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Man this is a great deal. I'm actually looking for another tdi right now but convincing my wife that a cross country drive is probably not gonna happen. Best of luck to you!


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Aug 17, 2008
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2001 Jetta TDI
Isn't the bummer of being too far away, well, a bummer? I don't know if the Wife would go for it, likely not. If so, I would have to sell my Jetta, nope, it hauls a$$, ain't gonna happen.