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May 25, 2012
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I am trading in my last VW today. This journey started several years ago and this place was invaluable to me when working on my Jetta. I later bought a new Passat. Last year, I sold the Jetta and bough a BMW i3. Today, I am trading in the Passat on a Tesla Model 3. Going from diesel to electric. It has been great while it lasted. The Passat has 105k miles on it and I am not sure how well my extended warranty will cover the air conditioner that still doesn't seem to be fixed after 5 trips into Falcone and driving a Subaru Outback for over a month.

The Passat was a great car for us. We previously had a Chevy Traverse and my wife's commute to school and other driving cost of $400/mo in fuel, at the time. The move to the Passat saved up $250/mo in fuel, so the extra $100/mo for the payment was a great investment. We drove it to Florida twice, once the long way around to Orlando and another time to Miami. Plenty of trips to Tennessee and back on a single tank of fuel.

It kind of feels sad. But the future awaits. I am getting a long range model which still holds no candles to the Passat, but I should have to rarely ever be at a charger since I can just plug in when I am at home. My net time at a charger will be far less than my time at a pump in any ICE vehicle.

Thanks to the local folks that helped me with my timing belt years ago! It was fun but I am glad I will not have to deal with that again!


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Jul 2, 2000
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Congrats on going electric. We did the same thing and recently sold our last VW to a friend here on TDIClub. You're going to love the Model 3 ... we've put 45,000 miles on ours in 16 months (lots of road trips). If you're looking for a good Tesla forum, check out ... good folks, good information and lots of events and get-togethers.