SMIC installation with pics

Jan 3, 2015
2005 BORA Kombi PD
So if anyone is looking for a "what is involved" please read on. This is on my 2005 BEW TDI Wagon. I got into a passenger side front accident - enough to crack the SMIC from the factory. So i took the opportunity to add some heft to the heat sink ability of the SMIC from the factory. I purchased from Kerma with the piping upgrade as well.
The whip is this :D

The two following pictures are showing the size difference. not only that - but the mass difference between the two is seriously huge.

as you can see - the size difference is massive.
so as in all installs for this - you have to pull the bumper skin, and grille. You are left with this.

NOW... it is HIGHLY recommended to pull the headlight as well.

you need to take the old pressure sensor off the old unit and install it in the new unit. If you want to - the orientation can go 180 degrees - but i am anally retentive and want wires out of the way. it will fit in this orientation - don't worry.

it is also recommended that you pull the old grommets off the old IC for use as "vibration isolation. Though the welding and heft is great - again you want to isolate vibrations.

for the BEW - you will need the piping upgrade! in doing so - orient the clamps and tighten before you put into the engine bay. It is recommended not to put it onto the IC before. you cannot manipulate with ease the SMIC into place. It is easier to push the couplers in after the fact.

I went after the top side first - so it was fairly quick to button that up.

The bottom side is a little more difficult. I did not take pictures (sorry) but since I am using the factory K39 - I simply loped off the stock BEW connector to the "plastic" BEW pancake pipe. I then used a 1 1/2" to 2" METAL coupler and the clamped the factory rubber piping to the coupler. I also decided to use the 1.8T pancake pipe instead of the "upgrade". The upgrade pipe angle to the turbo was not in the correct orientation. When I got to the VNT17 then I will use the upgrade.
this is how it looks at the end.

NOW - is this worth it.
I am not a believer of BUTT DYNO. Is there a difference, preceptively there is a difference as there does seem to be better breathing now. As well, the IC pipe is much cooler (measured 5~10C better) at the bend up from behind the headlight. I have the Malone 1.5 and before this - the car would not really smoke. If I lay into now, it does smoke more noticeably. It is more responsive and not hunting for pressure when it is at 2k rpm. If you have the $700USD for the upgrade and want some performance - I would say do it.
I think that with the upgraded turbo, and an upgrade in software - I would say that for a mild grocery getter this is well worth it. the build quality is spot on.


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Nov 21, 2009
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I'm using the same SMIC. I track intake temps with a Scangauge. at boosts of 20psi or so it's all that's needed. In hot weather & boost over 20psi it starts to heat soak.