Show what you tow!


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Jul 20, 2018
Cambridge, MN
2001 Beetle GLS TDI (BIODSL). 01 original Glow Bug TDI (sold)
@GlowBugTDI -Next picture I'd like to see is chains on the front tires and snowmobiles on the back!
I have a pic somewhere in my phone of the Polaris indy lite I trailered up to the north shore this last winter, but it was nothing impressive. Matched the car though. I have some lawnmower chains I could throw on in our next MN blizzard for pictures?😄 I think the bug will get parked this winter and I will drive "Smeagol" (name fits if you saw the car) my 97 camry for the winter. The bug has seen enough winter damages for it's lifetime lol.

And more and stronger load straps!
Hey now, I'm using harbor freights finest straps! I think I used 6 and a piece of rope. The atv's are about 630lb or so and I use 2-3 straps per atv depending on availability lol. The lil orange guy is pretty light and doesn't take much to stay in place but I typically still use 2 straps for that one if I'm bringing it along. That's my favorite atv to ride so I couldn't let anything happen to it;).