seattle area diesel: small nozzle, okay price


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Mar 6, 2001
Issaquah, WA, USA
In my quest to find a Wal-Mart to pickup Power Service Diesel Kleen additive, I happened across a gas station that has a small-nozzle diesel pump that pumps slowly enough that you can use the automatic shutoff latch (it doesn't the high-flow pump with the large nozzle). The price is $1.57 per gallon which is also the cheapest I've seen so far in the Seattle area (though I haven't looked all that widely).

The station is right next to a Wal-Mart. The Wal-Mart is in Renton on Rainier Ave. When heading south on I-405, take the 167 exit and then follow the sign to Rainier Ave. The station is called "USA Mini Mart". You'll see it right off the 167/Rainier exit.

Since filling up at this station and adding Power Service Diesel Kleen additive, my 2001 Jetta TDI's engine is purring compared to before. It sounds significantly smoother and has more power. The idle is quieter, the car shifts more smoothly, and I can climb a hall in 3rd gear that used to require 2nd gear. I don't know how much is due to the diesel and how much due to the Power Service. I also suspect that the previous diesel fillup was winter diesel (at the Cenex co-op in Issaquah).

Anyway.. I thought some of you might be interested in trying it out. I'm curious to know if your car runs better on this diesel (or if it just the Power Service or crappy diesel form my previous fillup).

Anyone have suggestions on other good places to get diesel short of going to Tacoma?



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Feb 24, 2001
Boston's Metro South-West
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There's a 76 on Crown Hill in northern Seattle that's selling diesel for around $1.50/gal. I just put a double shot of power service with cetane boost in, and I can't tell a difference... Could just be me...


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Oct 31, 2000
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I have been using the 76 in Sodo on 4th Ave. The have some of the cheapest prices around and they are also a Pacific Pride truck stop so I suspect their turnover is very high. Have had good luck with their fuel so far for mileage.