Seat Leon 2.0 TDI


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Nov 5, 2023
West Midlands
2.0 PD140 BKD
So originally I had a Seat Leon 2.0 TDI with the Siemens injectors & they had went kaput so I thought I would do the injector BKD conversion & everything is great so far baring 1 issue I am experiencing when I am up to temperature.

I have very delayed throttle response when trying to go full throttle but if I were to feather the pedal it will respond almost instantly

This issue does not happen when the car is cold.

When car is warm:
Warm full throttle

When car is cold/not up to temperature:
Warm coldish throttle

I've looked on VCDS and the pedal is reading correctly, the injectors are moving so I'm abit confused

When doing the BKD Injector conversion I bought a Stage 1 demobilized ECU and I flashed it back to the original file the car would of came with from factory and the problem is still there.

Any thoughts on what else I can check? Thank you in advance.