Seat Cordoba 1.9 TDI - Control module incorrectly coded issue


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Sep 6, 2020
1999 Seat Cordoba Vario 1.9 TDI 6K5 AHU
The glow plug light started blinking one day, so I read error codes and found "01044 control module incorrectly coded" in 01-engine module. The software coding field is 00000 so I tried coding it to 00002 as the car has a manual gearbox and no abs nor air conditioning. At first this seemed to be working. The error code can be erased and doesn't come back. But as soon as I fire the car up and take it for a drive the warning light and error code are back. I did an auto scan and the results are below. After that scan an additional code was raised in engine module that cannot be erased: 65535 Internal control module memory error.

Do you think my ECM is simply toast?

Chassis Type: 6K - Seat Ibiza/Cordoba (1993 > 2001)
Scan: 01 02 03 08 15 17 25 45 56
Address 01: Engine        Labels: 028-906-021-AHU.lbl
   Part No: 028 906 021 DK
   Component: 1.9l R4 EDC  G00SG  0827  
   Coding: 00000
   Shop #: WSC 06403  
   VCID: 5BB5216DC9258792E0-4B18

1 Fault Found:
01044 - Control Module Incorrectly Coded 
            35-00 -  - 
Readiness: N/A

Address 15: Airbags        Labels: 1J0-909-60x-VW3.lbl
   Part No: 1J0 909 603 AD
   Component: AIRBAG VW3 -        V04  
   Coding: 16708
   Shop #: WSC 06402  
   VCID: 6BD571AD1985F71210-4B32

No fault code found.

Address 25: Immobilizer        Labels: 6H0-953-257.lbl
   Part No: 6H0 953 257 B
   Component: IMMO VWZ3Z0X3477230 V71  
   Coding: 09600
   Shop #: WSC 00000  
   VCID: 2F6DA5BDED1D4B327C-4B64

No fault code found.