Rusting fender


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Sep 9, 2019
2011 Jetta S.W.
So I have had a couple Jetta's and both have rusted right on the front fenders at the top of the wheel well. And also, at the bottom of the fender where it meets the rocker panel just in front of the door. I am in the process of replacing both front fenders and going to have them painted. During the disassembly I found a 3 " block of foam adhered to the fender on top of the wheel well. And a large foam pad right in front of the door hinge area. Both were soaked with water.
My thought is that the foam block in front of the door is for sound proofing. But what is the purpose of the 3" block above the wheel well? They are both culprits for causing the rust on the fenders. So there not going back on the car when I put the fends back on.
Does anyone know why they put these foam block on?


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Mar 3, 2014
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Sounds like you've spotted the issue. 🤞 Removing these when they were new cars was often talked about here.