RNS510 out of car question?????

1975 Kombi

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Jun 3, 2014
Acton, Ontario, Canada
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Is there a way to change the dynaudio to normal audio while the RNS510 is out of the car. I have changed them via vagcom. I have bought this with no pin code and firmware messed up. I bench retrieved the pin code and installed the latest firmware for the E version and now the RNS510 is back to normal with the latest map set 8435 and would like to make sure the audio is 100%. Since it is set to dynaudio it bypasses the internal amp to use the dynaudio external amp so the sound is weak but there. If possible I would like to return the RNS510 back to the internal amp to make sure it is ok. But can I do it while the radio is on the bench???????