Reset service interval reminder.


Nov 15, 2002
Manchester: UK
Does anyone know how to reset the service interval reminder on the mileometer on a 96 Vento mine is currently flashing 'IN O2' for a few seconds whenever i start the car. I believe that this can be done by pressing things in a certain sequence, but i am not sure what to press and when. Any help much appreciated.

Thank you.


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Jun 27, 2001
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With the ignition switched on, press and hold the button below the speedometer and just to the right of the temp gauge.

Switch off ignition and release button. The word OEL can be seen in the display.

Press the digital clock minute button (or the analogue clock adjusting button) - below speedometer to the left of the fuel gauge - until five dashes (-----) appear. Only then is the service zeroed.

By again pressing the buttone below the speedometer the other services will be displayed and can be zeroed individually.

Switch on ignition and after IN 00 appears switch off again.