Replacing taillight assembly on a Sportwagen


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Jan 31, 2009
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I recently (stupidly) cracked the left rear tail light on my sportwagen. Luckily, I did no other body damage. My car is actually a 2009, but the light is essentially identical on a 2010+ Sportwagen so I decided to post this in the MKVI forum because there are a lot more 2010+ Sportwagens out there than there are 2009s. I replaced my left taillight assembly this morning.

Anyway, to start, replacing the taillight is very easy (with one caveat). You just unplug the wire and remove 3 nuts and the whole thing comes out pretty easily (mine came out in pieces because it was already broken). However, the caveat is that you might not have the right tool. First, the nuts are 16mm and most socket sets go straight from 15mm to 17mm. Secondly, 2 of the 3 "studs" where the nuts go have long pointy things on the end (probably to make factory assembly easier). Anyway, the end result is that replacing the taillights on a MKV or MKVI Sportwagen is really easy *IF* you have a 16mm deep socket (5/8" will work, this is not a high torque nut, but it must be a deep socket). There is really no room in there to really swing a box or open end wrench. I think that it took me longer to find the right tool than it took to actually replace the taillight.

A few other things I learned doing this:

The MK5 and MK6 Sportwagen taillights are identical, except for the color of the red plastic. Therefore the part numbers are different. For the left taillight the part numbers are:
MK5 (2006 to 2009) Sportwagen (only 2009 sold in North America) p/n is 1K9-945-095-D
Mk6 Sportwagen left taillight p/n is 1K9-945-095-G
I did not bother to look up the right tail light part numbers but installation is the same.

I was surprised to discover that the new taillight assembly came with bulbs already installed, but I was even more surprised when I discovered that the three "identical" single filament 12V, 21W clear bulbs were all different bulbs from different manufacturers. The brake light is an OSRAM 7506L. The tail light is a Philips J823 and the backup light is a GE 1057. The replacement bulb listed for this car is a 7506 in all three positions. Weird, but true.

Have Fun!


P.S. I probably should have noted: Tightening torque for those 3 nuts is only 3.5 ± 0.5Nm (about 2.2 to 2.9 ft-lbs). This is not much more than hand tight. You do not want to over tighten and break the plastic.
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