Rear passenger door sometimes unlocks, sometimes doesn't.


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Feb 22, 1999
Ruislip, Middlesex, UK
Peugeot 806, 607
This is on a friend's Seat Toledo which is electrically / mechanically 99% a Mk4 Jetta.

The left rear passenger door sometimes unlocks and sometimes doesn't. Locking appears to be reliable.

I already pulled off the interior door card. What I can see is a rod coming out of the inside of the door from the lock area which comes forward to push / pull on some sort of damping weight. I can't see any useful function of the rod and arm other than the weight on the end of it.

This rod appears to be directly connected to the central locking, i.e. it's one way for locked and the other for unlocked.

I can see that the rod / weight are also not reliably moving. Also if I grab the rod and try to "help" it whilst operating the locks, that it doesn't help. I would have thought that if something was just gummed up or stiff that assisting the motor would help. In fact I can't move it all sometimes (as if the motor is stopping me) whilst I think at other times it can be moved. Wierd.

Also I pulled the robber boot back that covers the wires as they go from the door pillar to the door. On my old Passat these use to fracture with the movement. There is no sign of any wires being damages, and wiggling the wires, and whether the door is open or closed makes no difference.

Therefore I am thinking that it needs a whole new central door locking motor. Is there anything else that could cause this?