Rear pano drain lines


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Oct 17, 2017
'16 sportwagen TDI sel 6mt
Another leaking pano roof...
2016 SEL GSW built in October 2015

I haven't experienced any leaks until yesterday when we had torrential rains. Water had entered the rear cargo area on both sides so more than likely both rear drains are blocked.
I opened the sunroof and decided the inspect the front drains which are the only ones I can see. Poured water into the catch channel and found that the front driver side drain was blocked, but the passenger side seemed to flow freely.
I have a small flexible hose which I was able to push through the drain holes. Passenger side was fine, but driver side has some kind of internal blockage.

I know there are numerous threads about this problem and various fixes have been tried. I will be taking it to the dealer, but before I do I want to have as much information as possible. The rear drain holes cannot be accessed without major surgery and this is something I would like to avoid as much as possible.

When I wash the car I don't have internal leaking, I think this is because the front passenger side drain has enough drainage for the amount of water I'm using, but cannot handle heavy rain.

Hopefully I can clear the front driver side drain to help the situation.

But if the only solution is to completely tear apart the roof, I'm inclined to just seal the whole sunroof with vinyl or tape.

My question is this: Where do the rear drain lines terminate ? Is there a photo somewhere ?

I want to try to clear those lines working from the end if possible.