Radio Reception


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Nov 30, 2004
Alberta, Canada
2014 Jetta Silver, 2000 Cherv Silverado 2500 6.L Vortec
I need help with my radio reception. I have had my 99 1/2 TDI for 2 years now & have always had poor reception. When I have a weak signal I get electrical noise, especially in the winter. I have replaced screw on aerial with a Canadian Tire replacement. I have also unscrewed the base from the roof to check that I was getting a good ground & put some dialectic grease to make sure I had a good contact. A lot of you guys might cringed at how I got to remove the base of the aerial. I started to remove the roof lining & after about an hour I decide that this is just going to be a big job. As I am a none smoker & I do not like anybody smoking in my car, I cut a nice clean 1 1/2" square hole directly beneath the nut in the roof lining. did the work on the base of the aerial & then placed a 3" square "No Smoking" sign over the hole. Worked for me. Hope you are not too disappointed
Any body have any suggestions on this one.

T H A N K S !