Question re Cat Fuel Filter


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Mar 10, 2003
Fredericksburg, VA
'04 Passat Sedan
In June '04 I bought my wife a B5.5 TDI with the intention of buying her another small SUV (traded in a GMC Jimmy on the B5.5) in a year.

Last Saturday we bought an '06 Mazda Tribute and the Passat is now my daily driver...:D

I have disabled the DRLs, installed SilverStar in the headlights (the hi beams and fogs are next), looking to get RC2 at Impex and am looking into a couple of other mods.

I have a question...Is it possible to put a Cat 2 Micron fuel filter in a B5.5? I only ask because I haven't seen any of the other B5.5 owners post that they have installed one.