Q5 Hood Dump


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Jan 6, 2019
2014 q5 tdi, 2012 golf tdi 6mt (bought back)
UPDATE: Everything is aesthetically pleasing. However, i do plan to change the rivets to black/coated ones because it currently looks like one of those jeep wheels is on my hood.

There is also a custom aluminum intake using a CTS Turbo filter and heat shield (originally for the b8 s4). There is definitely more noise but i plan to remove the turbo damper piece (also has the PCV bung) for additional spooly sounds. I feel that my MPG is noticeably improved following these modifications. On a recent 7 hour drive i averaged 46 mpg (indiana -> ohio). I am not sure if the terrain was in my favor, but 42-44 is what im seeing all the time on the highway. Prior to this, i was just under 40mpg. I am not sure if the hood exit and intake contribute to this increased efficiency, but its certainly welcome!

I did go all the way and get a hood stack (its short and 3" dia so maybe not a stack) and a custom intake. Though I did this as a bet i had with a friend, I loved the result so much I am actually going to keep this setup permanently. I do long highway drives frequently and believe there to be less drone than my straight piped setup, and its much much quieter than you would think. Well, its different drone. At 2k there is a resonance that you can feel underneath the car due to the long run but this is just in front. You can have a conversation easily without yelling, i listen to my music on 12 and forget the noise. Until you floor it.

Launch (interior):

City driving (interior)

Gopro shots (before trans tune)

certainly there are some who will hate this, but keep in mind, its all for fun and laughs. While originally, i didn't have any plans to keep this in long term, it turned out so well i will keep this setup for good.


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Dec 19, 2016
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This looks a little different from my approved emissions compliant repair. I wonder how this would look on my A8L.