Pure coincidence? Broken right side motor mount right after timing belt replacement.


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Nov 24, 2003
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Yes, to re-use. They may have been torqued to spec, but they can't do that twice.

Peter, as mentioned my Marty (Jetaah above) the 3 16mm headed long horizontal bolts are not torque to yield fasteners. Yes yours and many other kits come with replacement bolts for these, and I thank you all, but the torque spec is 33 ft-lbs. on these. no plus 90 or anything excessive.

the 2 18mm headed vertical bolts that bolt the two halves of the aluminum motor mount together are always replace and are torqued to 74 ft-lb as well as the 2 16mm headed vertical bolts that mount the upper half of the motor mount to the body with their torque spec of 30ft-lb plus 90*

I would say that the 3 horizontal bolts were not all properly torqued (which is not easy with the amount of access available on a MK4) and that the lower back one backed out, the forward one snapped in half on a bump in the road allowing the motor to shift on the top back one to contact the aluminum skidplate, eventually bending it and then breaking the corner of the block off when it just got to be too far out of alignment.


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There's a lot of debate about whether or not those bolts are torque to yield. My recollection is they don't show as torque to yield in the Jetta/Golf Bentley, but they do in the NB edition.


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Gradually getting this taken care of. Got the Van Gogh bracket in today.

From the damage to the bolts and to the bracket that bolts to the block, I can see the sequence of events:
the front bolt sheared off first,
then the lower bolt backed out gradually,
the top bolt began to loosen and wear the bracket and bend,
and finally the top bolt broke the ear off the block.