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VW Derf

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Jul 3, 1996
Richmond, BC, Canada
2010 Blue Graphite Pearl Golf Variant
After recent events, some people seem a little confused about what TDIClub is. This is a public site where everyone is welcome. Like other sites on the Internet what you post can be seen by ANYONE who has a connection. If this concerns you, perhaps using an alias might be a better idea than your real name. On the other side filling in your location (at least province) will give others a change to refer you to a local supplier, mechanic, offer help, etc if you should need this.

As for VW visiting, I am sure they do. Heck many of us have emailed them telling them to check us out as we are TDI enthusiasts and want more TDIs of different configurations.

Please weigh these different items here and on other Internet sites and go with what YOU feel comfortable with.

If you would like to change your publicly displayed name, email me and I'll get to it shortly.