pressure light will not reset on the dash


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Sep 14, 2021
Cumbria UK
POLO 1.2
Hi all this is the problem , with my Mk 5 Polo 1.2TDI bluemotion 6R. (year 2013)
The Tyre pressure light will not reset on the dash, despite holding in the button etc it does not 'beep' .
All tyre pressures are correct as as this system works off the ABS it should reset . I have tried an OBD app that displays a fault code under the ABS section of '00612 which is 'ignition 4 output', so possible causes could be wiring or connections defective. I have checked the relevant ABS fuses and engine compt fuses and all are ok. I have removed the reset switch and all seems ok also . When I press the reset button the light on the dash does go off an instant before there is no Beep maybe the fault lied with the rest unit/beeper so this would be my next investigation.
I'd like to know what the '00612 'ignition 4 output' actually refers to however as this would steer me into the right direction ...anyone know please ?