Pre-Turbo Intake ...


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May 10, 2000
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You might be already noticed some debate about air-filters , snorkels and pre-turbo piping ...

Here is very good articles on the subject :

And note how those findings are similar to some forum member findings ...
(Snorkel causes more vacuum than the filter. There is even more vacuum just before the turbo ...)

I hope that this would broaden the discussion wider that just a filter media !(K&N vs. PX vs. OEM ...)
Also total gained power & torque should be studied more closely !! (~0.5% vs. 10s%)
( ... and other effects ? Smoking ? Snow or ice blocking ? Passed particles ? etc. etc.)

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Jan 11, 2000
Ok, long read but worth it, keep in mind results will vary for us as this is not a diesel, but the airflow observations are similar. We know the MAF is the most restrictive part of the system, Descreening it for the less intrepid will help, but the greatest gain was when he got the new snorkle in place and started to get some positive air pressure in. Just eliminating the snorkel and going with a cone has a benefit as you are not trying to pull air through it, the ram air will be even better. Fortunately we do not have knock sensors to bounce off of. and in my case the chipped 1.8T's run rich in the upper RPMS so they will see great benefit to a ram air system as well. THanks for posting links, it's a good article.


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Apr 27, 2000
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Rene, could you run the intake tube for a PiperX Viper straight forward between the engine cover and battery box to a hole in the plastic part right behind the intake opening behind the top of the drivers side of the grill (like the fiberglass intake fabricated by one member)?

That set-up would put cold outside air under positive pressure (more speed = more pressure) right into the filter element.