PowerService DFS (white bottle) endorsed by Cummins


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Jun 11, 2002
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I was talking with a coworker about diesel fuel additives for his 2017 Ford F-450 SuperDuty truck and recommended PowerService Diesel Fuel Supplement (white bottle). Good stuff and many TDIclubbers have used it over the years, including me. We went to PS's website and looked up DFS and noticed that it shows that it's now endorsed by Cummins. I don't recall seeing that on PS's website a few months ago. Interesting. I know it's part of Marketing 101 but interesting nonetheless.

I have been using Howes Lubricator Diesel Treat for many years too. Howes and PS DFS are my two favorite fuel additives. I don't use PS Diesel Kleen (slilver bottle) because it is a summer only formula and doesn't do anything for water. I prefer PS DFS for year round use.

Howes supposedly contains a demulsifier to control water and PS DFS contains a solubilizer instead. The demsulsifier in Howes should cause dissolved water to drop out so the water separator in fuel filters can catch it. The solubilizer in PS DFS should help keep water completely dissolved so it can pass through the system harmlessly. Two different strategies for controlling water. One drawback to the solubilizer in PS DFS is that it can only work on small amounts of water at at time. I like both additives and I never mix them them because they handle water differently. Given that my BMWs don't have a water separator in the fuel filter that I can drain like on an Mk4 TDI, I've been transitioning over to PS DFS in my BMWs. The fuel filter on BMWs is also a PITA to get to since it's under the car.

Anybody else notice the Cummins endorsement for PS DFS? It seems to be a recent thing. I haven't seen it on any PS DFS bottles yet.