Plugged Fuel Filter at 5 F


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Jun 30, 2002
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I got a tankful of ULSD last Tuesday night during a snowstorm. I drove home about 10 miles and parked the car in the garage for 2 days. I took it to work last Thursday when it was below zero F and made it no problem. I took a short trip about 3 miles before lunch when it was about 5 F and on the way back the car died as a was driving down the highway. Fortunately it died on a sight down hill grade and I was able to cost a few hundred yard to a parking lot.

When I looked at the clear part of the fuel line I noticed there was no fuel in the line. I didn't realize how cold it was until I walked the last mile back to work. I waited until 40 F weather this afternoon to change the fuel filter and fill it with fuel treatment and purge air from the fuel lines and after mucho cranking get it started again.

The funny thing was the old filter was still somewhat frozen. Only after I got home and got it warm was I able to get about 6 ounces of liquid out with about an ounce or two or water on the bottom. This is most water I have ever got out of a diesel fuel filter (after almost 27 years of driving diesel cars). I am wondering if ULSD has more problems with any water contamination or if it was just my lucky day. By the way I did add a few ounces of Power Service but I don't think it was enough.


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Jan 5, 2007
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I'm guessing that it was just your lucky day. Any chance that the fuel nozzle had snow in it when you filled? I've seen snow in there many times.


Sep 5, 2001
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The ULSD has been a real problem this winter. Our local coop had 80 calls about 10 days ago about gelled fuel and it was only 15*. I have another friend in WI that has had terrible with gelling.



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Apr 7, 2004
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LanduytG said:
The ULSD has been a real problem this winter.
Thank you Greg. It is nice to finally hear someone I consider a authority say that. I have been very fortunate, but also very careful, this winter.
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