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The original purpose of the TDI 101 Forum Section was to give newbies a place to ask questions without being flammed, even though flamming is against the forum rules.

Although you may be new to the forums, doesn't mean you're a newbie, per say.

More advanced model specific discussion forums can be found HERE.

Question here are supposed to be SIMPLE and BASIC.

Some good examples of simple and basic are:

  • What is the proper tire inflation for new TDI?
  • Intercooler hose blew off
  • What's the number on this black plastic tag?
  • Do Mk4 VW's honk if your key's battery is low?
  • Changing the instrument cluster?

If your question is a post, 3 paragraphs long, describing car symptoms, things you've tried, and problems you're having with your car, you are beyond newbie status and need to post where the thread will get the most exposure to the people with experience to help you out!

Knowing where to post will maximize your experience and get you the help you need quickly. The 101 sections is only a starting point, you will eventually need to branch out and utilize the ENTIRE forum and it's weath of knowledge and experience.

So if your post gets moved, it is most likely because it is too complicated for the 101 Forum Section and needs to be placed elsewhere.

Please remember to read the stickied threads at the top of each forum - they're stuck for a reason. :)
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This is just a reminder that the TDI 101 forum is not a catch-all post-anything-here forum. I have moved a lot of threads that clearly belong in the model-specific forums today.

This forum is for general TDI questions, answers, and information - not for specific problems on specific models. Posting everything in one place makes it very difficult to find information later, which results in lots of repeat threads.

Thank you for your cooperation. :)
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