Please help solve low beam driver side not working..............


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Oct 8, 2006
Northern California
2012 Jetta TDI
HI. My low beam headlights on the driver side is NOT working. BUt the passenger side low beams are still working. Both side high beams are working.

I am thinking it is a localized issue. Both halogen bulbs were replaced maybe 5 yrs ago with easy plug and play LED light bulbs..and worked fine.

Can someone tell me where the relay is located, and could it be the relay for just the driver side low beams ? OR does the relay control all the lights ?

Need some help. I dont think it is the light it is the LED ones and had been working fine. BOth the LED bulb and the small light bulb next to it are NOT coming on when I turn on lights.... but the passenger side both light bulbs turn on brightly.