Picked up a 98 Jetta that had been sitting for years...


Jan 2, 2021
Tucson, AZ
98 Jetta TDI
So, I was looking for a donor TDI engine to throw in my VW Pickup and found a 98 Jetta that had been sitting for many years.

Story was the car was torn apart to clean the intake(?) and while down, previous owner had the injection pump rebuilt and never re-installed. Also came with upgraded injectors and a chipped ECU.

Plan was to get the engine running in the Jetta before pulling everything to swap into my truck.

I confirmed the engine turns over freely and decided to install the pump along with new timing belt. Also reassembled the rest of the engine but have come up a few bolts short when trying to install EGR Cooler. Big thing I am not sure of is some of the vacuum hose routing. I have seen a few diagrams but they are very simplified and I am having issues matching up diagram with reality.

I am assuming since the car sat so long the engine will probably have some leaks, but I would really like to get it running before addressing the leaks. Hoping since the pump was rebuilt and never used that it will be leak free.

Any Tucson AZ folks with a running A3 or B4 TDI willing to let me take pics or compare engines side-by-side would be greatly appreciated.