Physics of putting LED units into New Beetle stock canisters for low and/or high beams?


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Feb 5, 2002
Yukon, Oklahoma
NB, 2002, green, Eurotek STG1
Hey, I am on my second set of canisters in a couple years, typical sources, if nothing else works I may try one last time...but my existing low beam halogens will not adjust and I am so tired of trying to shim the canisters, lol, the driver low converges on a spot about 40' in front and the passenger goes out much farther, maybe too high but I am almost done with these things so haven't tried adjusting it down. I can't even tell when I am turning the top adjuster screw if I need to turn CW to go lower or higher because it doesn't seem to move.

Given this state of the situation, I think it is true that LEDS generally are less cut off at top so would LEDs tend to project further down the road for me than the current spot 40' in front? Gets pretty dark out there in front when no streetlights, lol.