pending sale**$3750** - 2000 Jetta TDi - RC4, pp764s, GT1756 hybrid, etc


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Feb 25, 2012
Western NC
2000 Jetta ALH - 5spd
pending sale

2000 Jetta Tdi ALH - 5spd - Owned since 2012 when I bought it with 153k miles.
239,000 miles

-GT1756 hybrid turbo
-RocketChip Stage 4 tune
-PP764 injectors
-3 Bar MAP
-PD150 intake
-Upgraded side mount intercooler
-2.5" Buzzken turboback full exhaust w/ resonator
-Newer Southbend Stage 2 Endurance clutch
-11mm injection pump with new seals
-100k mile timing belt kit from ID parts
-Kuhmo Solus tires in great shape
-CAT fuel filter
-Provent oil canister bypass
-Engine, trans, dogbone mounts replaced
-Lower control arm bushings
-Rear axle bushings
-Ball joints
-Bilstein HD Suspension
-Polyurethane sway bushings
-EGR, cat, muffler deleted
-Black leather heated seats
-Boost gauge & EGR gauge (autometer)

I have kept logs (see below) of all maintenance/upgrades done to this car since I have owned it in Feb 2012 @ 153k miles. Has been cross country various times without any issues over past 10 years and wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Family is already at 5 members and we are running out of room, no need for it and hopefully someone will be able to enjoy the car.

The interior swap is almost complete, switched from beige cloth interior to all black leather interior with heated seats. Just need a few more trim pieces in black here and there. Carpet is out since it was dingy and up to next owner to decide what they want to do. See photos for details.

There are some quirks with the front door cards, mainly the passenger side. The window does work but has a mind of its own due to poor VW solder joints, etc. Can explain if needed. Car is located in Blanca, CO but willing to meet if time allows.

Pictures at:

Please PM me if interested. Thanks

---Below is my log sheet for most maintenance/upgrades, I may have missed a few over the years---

152,500 - purchase
153,285 - 100k timing belt, water pump, serpentine belt, thermostat
155,043 - glow plugs, harness, relay
156,232 - starter (OEM valeo)
158,380 - oil/filter
159,452 - driver cv joint rebuild kit
160,813 - new firestone tires
160,551 - oil/filter/oil bolt
162,350 - fuel filter & tee
162,840 - coolant flange o ring, coolant flush
165,679 - oil pan, oil/filter, fumoto valve
165,765 - bilstein suspension, tie rod ends
165,874 - ball joints, control arm bushings, rear LCA bushings, AC aux fan, 23mm sway bar bushing
166,224 - alignment
166,900 - gut cat, mufflerectomy
167,553 - intake cleaning, egr/cooler delete, ccv mod
172,185 - alignment
172,509 - oil/filter change
177,152 - fuel filter, clutch bleed&flush. brakes bleed&flush, brake pads
182,656 - oil/filter change
185,585 - replaced strut/dampener for serpentine belt
191,484 - oil/filter change
192,150 - replaced n75
193,302 - RC 2/3 tune, pp764s (balanced and all)
194,907 - oil/filter change
195,347 - replaced dryer/accumulator & heater core, fixed blend door with foil tape
195,347 - replaced ac evaporator
195,423 - replace RCV valve, gaskets, and o rings
196,900 - recharged AC
203,824 - oil & filter
204,061 - fuel filter
213,400 - replaced front LCA bushings (polyurethane)
219,844 - VNT17 (oil change), upgraded SMIC, 3 bar MAP, PD150 intake w/EGR, SB stg2 endurance clutch (fluid flush), 2.5" buzzken turbo back w/resonator, EGT and Boost gauges installed, engine/transmission/dogbone mounts,
220,600 - RC4 tune
223,611 - rear axle bushings (R32 cupra R), all 4 springs (and rear seats/buffers) w/spacers up front, for a front end lift, control arm (with new bolt to swaybar), oil/filter change, Provent oil canister bypass
227,000 - new Southbend Stage 2 endurance clutch, balljoints, polyurethane swaybar bushings. new 11mm injection pump resealed, 100k timing belt and kit from IDparts completed, CAT Fuel filter installed, swaybar link bushings, alignment, Kumho Solus TA31 tires
230,939 - oil/filter, rear brakes
239,250 - 11mm IP complete reseal, again!, new fuel lines
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Feb 25, 2012
Western NC
2000 Jetta ALH - 5spd
Colorado. Planning on resealing injection pump by a tdiguru before selling and can drive it anywhere if needed. Feel free to shoot me a PM and we can go from there.
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