Peloquin and 5th gears install, Part One



Transaxle, bell housing end:

The other end:

The bell housing. The clutch throwout bearing just kind of falls out. The throwout lever flops around in there. You slip that spring on the bottom loose and the lever falls out. Note: Do NOT remove the four nuts around that big "Number 3." You'll remove all the other nuts and botls around the housing, but not those four!

The "Other End" again. You can see the 5th gear cover and one of the axle shaft flanges. The flanges are secured by a single hex screw in the center. Later in the process the Bentley manual will explain how to engage 1st gear and Reverse gear simultaneously to lokc the transmission and prevent the gears from turning. At that point you'll be able to easily reove that hex screw without turning the differential and all the other bits. (Such a simultaneous selection isn't normally possible, but by then you will have removed the "safeguard.")

Cover off and flange removed. YOu should actually remove the flanges at a later stage, but makes a nice picture. Stick to the sequence in the Bentley.

Here I've removed the 5th gear shift fork, which is easy to do. See those three "blocks" in the gear set? There are two springs that hold them in place. The one at the top is easily removed. Then you reach down in there with a scratch awl or some other pointy thing and move the lower spring off the bottom end of the block with one hand whill removing the block with the fingers of the other hand. (Or use pliers.) Kind of tricky, but you'll figure it out.

That's it for Part One.