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PayPal Alternatives


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Apr 8, 2011
Honey Brook PA
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Paypal has locked and blocked peoples accounts for doing transactions concerning legal purchases of firearms... Very anti American... and they try and force their views on us by blocking locking and stealing. And so many people wont do buisness with someone if they dont have paypal... Can you even have a ebay account now without paypal? I miss the days of being able to look someone in the eyes and shake hands... thats the only real way to do buisness...
Really? I didn't know paypal was anti gun...

I still use them because it is required for eBay and its an easy place to store all my info. You just gave me another reason to not use them unless I really have to...

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Nov 10, 2007
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Ebay owns PayPal. I stopped dealing with Ebay years ago when they made PP mandatory, but if you contact the seller/buyer they will probably accept a PMO instead. I have only found a handful of cases where they do not.

keaton85 said:
How do you buy anything online? also using your debit card for anything other then removing money from an ATM is a bad idea!

The debt card unlike a credit card is linked to your bank account. Once the money is gone, it's gone, unless the bank wants to help.

Also, what about paying bills? not all auto-pays let you use your bank account numbers.
It's easy, I use my debit card with the Visa affiliation, which has the same exact protections as a credit card. If you enter your PIN to buy something as a debit card, then it bypasses the VISA network so you do not have the same protections, but it's cheaper for the merchant (45¢ vs 3%). I do this locally at stores I trust. When buying online I use it as a credit card so it has the protections of the Visa network.

I have had my identity stolen in the past (local food store was hacked) and someone from CA bought a bunch of stuff at Target, which I had never been to in my life at that point. I contacted my bank and they eliminated the charges and stopped future transactions. I also worked with Target, who was outstanding to work with, at helping catch the thief when they came to pick up their merchandise and deleting pending transactions on their website. I never heard the final word on the matter but I never lost a dime from my account. They were so good to deal with in the matter that I started shopping there regularly when I am in the area.

I pay all my bills online and have not written a check in years. Actually, I did write one check last year because I had to, but I almost never use them. I pay my bills using the debit card as a credit card on the accounts with which I deal, and there are quite a few. I do not do auto-pays on a regular basis (Netflix, SmugMug, and SPOT require them, however) and do not give out my routing and bank account numbers to anyone. All autopays are linked to my Visa Debit card. I learned my lesson with the power company when their meter reader misread the bill and tagged me for using 4,000kWh instead of the normal 400. You'd think someone with half a brain would have caught the error, but they tagged my account for an additional $550 and it wasn't until I raised a stink about it that anyone noticed. But, they do not issue refunds, so I had a credit on my power account for almost the next year, which was another hassle. It is for this reason I don't do auto-pays if I can help it.

That you 'need' a credit card in today's world is just a fallacy. I have one, as I mentioned before, for international travel where spending time with someone on the phone in a foreign country with a language barrier would be a monumental hassle. Come to think of it, that describes most of the US companies today as well. But the credit card has a large limit on it should an emergency arrive, like when your mother in law dies suddenly and you need two next day plane tickets home from Italy that cost $3,500. We had travel insurance, but you get reimbursed and still have to shell out the money up front, and it covers what you paid for the original tickets, not the emergency tickets. If we did not travel internationally, I would not own a credit card and did not before I met the wife. Never had an issue buying a house/car or renting anything, and I am not independently wealthy with a ton of money in the bank either, I work at a town municipality making drinking water.
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Dec 25, 2007
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Whether you use a credit card or a debit card, being diligent is the key. ;) (I can't emphasize that enough)

PayPal is a different animal with virtually no user protections. It's not a bank and does not have to follow the federal banking regulations. They are a payment service working on straight commission.

I travel a lot on business and have had cards hacked, stolen, made new from being remotely scanned so many times I have trouble recollecting all the incidents. The biggest heist of my card was in Puerto Rico where my AMEX was remotely scanned, a new card made overnight, and $18,000 was charged in Croatia the next day. And the AMEX card has a security chio in it!


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Feb 26, 2011
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To much hassle to fight the system when you can make it work for you.

Paypal: Yes it has issues if used incorrectly, but there is no way I could sell or buy anything on most forums without it! It would be a major hassle to even try.
eBay: worst scam site around BUT it's a needed evil, again the items I sell on there would not be sold otherwise. Thus taking the insane 15% hit on a sale is worth it.
Credit cards: Personally, I use my CC for cash back, ease of transactions and increasing my credit score. All my credit cards are auto-pay. Never would I use a credit card as a real line of credit as that is just insanity.

Side note to Abacus: my grandparents live across from the Montessori school in Nobleboro.


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May 28, 2006
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Paypal: Yes it has issues if used incorrectly
And it has issues if used correctly.

but there is no way I could sell or buy anything on most forums without it!
Perhaps you should re-read my first post. That's the entire point. Every single one of them is as easy or easier than paypal.

It would be a major hassle to even try.
I take it you haven't tried.


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Nov 28, 2013
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I'm not even going to go into how PayPal has screwed me multiple times in the past.

I have been selling on eBay for years and I truly despise them and PayPal. Like others have mentioned, it's a necessary evil if you want global exposure to sell your wares.

What really pisses me off lately about eBay is the fact that they now take a percentage of the shipping charges too! You're only choice to make any money is to inflate the shipping charges to cover this loss and hope that a buyer doesn't flame you for the overcharge.

Btw: did you also know that as a seller you CANNOT leave negative feedback for a buyer NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO?


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Dec 25, 2007
Texas..RETIRED 12/31/17
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Btw: did you also know that as a seller you CANNOT leave negative feedback for a buyer NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO?
eBay has figured out that negatives are not good for business (sellers or buyers). I remember when you could leave feedback on ANY transaction, even if it wasn't yours. You could have flamed a seller "just because". I have been selling and buying on eBay since 1999.

Now, third party sellers are infiltrating Amazon and sites like NewEgg.