Passat Self Study Guide


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Aug 19, 2009
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I don't own the link but very great PDF

Just like the original 2.0L CBEA CJAA self study guide but for the Passat and more Passat platfrom detailed.

Tons of changes

-Solenoid injectors, no more piezos that were "needed" on the CJAA (WFT?)

-New head designe with EGR path

-DSG freewheel flywheel fuel saving feature on the 02E DSG

-Tourque rating of the 6spd Manual is 350Nm!

Many more reading tid bits!
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May 22, 2000
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Nice guide! Interesting, none of the radios in this guide are an exact match to the one in my car. Seems the phone button is the item that appears to be showing up that is not covered.

I seem to have the RCD510 but it has a Phone button rather than a mute button.
I have a 6 disk changer, hands free bluetooth, phone and mic button on steering column. For sure some new radio is in the mix as compared to this guide.
Though the guide does say the buttons on actual models may change. Not sure what that means . .
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