Passat 2001 TDI, AVF Automatic, Relay 219, Error codes


Nov 13, 2016
2001 passat, AVF, 130HP, Tiptronic
I want to talk about something that came to me a few days ago with my Passat 2001 TDI PD. Underrun disappeared most of the engine power, the incandescent light began to flash. I drove home, then diagnosed it. Then generated 6 error codes:
01336, Comfort System Databus
J445 (relay failure)

As you can see, this is a long list that came into being.

Yes, I could still start the car, but not "normal-easy".

First I changed (according to tips from internet) brake light switch (P0571). Still the same error codes, the incandescent light continued to flash.

I then check all the fuses (and relays), again (on the side panel), but now also under the dashboard, also check in the ECU plastic box. Also checks relay 219 which looked nice but found that the fuse next to it (fuse 15A) was broken. This fuse was replaced and ....... all codes disappeared ....

Hope this will help others ... First check all fuses, contacts, relays before replacing spare parts. Now I have to say that I think it is a slightly stupid position of such critical fuse as discussed here. This box containing these relays and fuses is not readily available.
Why was this fuse destroyed? Well, I found a wire that went to the N18 where the insulation was partially gone. May her this shorted to ground. This was then fixed.

I quite like this one of my cars, but I think it has a lot of electrical, unnecessary errors and that you have to have a little too good insight into the car that I would recommend VW as the first choice to anyone.