Passat 2.0 tdi Boost only after 2000rpms problem


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Nov 8, 2019
Gauteng, South Africa
Passat 2.0tdi
Hi guys...
Brand bew to the forum.
I see there are a few threads similar to mine but not resolved...
So my brothers passat 2.0 tdi bkp engine blew the turbo.
While stripping the turbo off, we also saw a small water leak between the cylinder head and so we decided to do that as well.
So long story short.... Put a new turbo and did a cylinder overhaul and now the car comes into boost only after 2000rpms.
The timing was set with the timing lock tools(those 6mm keys)...
I did try to adjust the pulleys... But no luck(dont have vcds)... Are those adjustments for economy only or can they effect the time the boost comes in?

It does not pick up errors and idles smoothly.
Checked all vacuum lines
From what i read on other posts.... Would the issue be the boost pressure valve(n75)?...
Any1 have this issue before and successfully sorted it by changing that valve?
Does that valve control when the boost comes in?
Thanks in advance for the assistance...


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May 30, 2007
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2005 Passat Wagon
Assuming your engine is similar to a BHW: The n75 valve controls a vacuum actuator for the turbo inlet guide vanes (no waste gate). I think you next step would be to check the actuator travel with a vacuum pump/gauge. It has been covered on this forum a few times, so a search will find the settings you need.