Parts for an e46 325i, need reputable source.


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Oct 29, 2010
2004 Jetta Wagon GL TDI 5-Speed Baltic Green
Hi everyone,

Driving a family members' e46 for a week or so in lieu of a rental. They won't let me pay them so I figured I'd do some nice things like detailing the car etc. One thing I'd like to do if I can find a reasonable parts price is replacing the motor on the driver's side (here it is on ecs tuning).

What are my chances of finding a new or used-but-working unit for less than $100? I've seen some on ebay but they all seem to be either sold already or complete mirrors for $250. I'd be willing to go used if it was in working condition (the mirror currently doesn't move, I have researched the issue and am pretty sure replacing the mirror motor is the best bet), since a moving mirror is better than a non-moving mirror. But that makes it even harder to find a reputable source, I feel.

I may just be in over my head here, if it was my TDI I'd just price-check ID and Bora Parts, then make the order (we have it real good). If you have any thoughts, let me know. Thanks all in advance.