Part 2b for cars with low mileage


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Sep 13, 2005
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There was supposed to be a part 2b in the Emissions agreement for cars to have the dpf replaced at a certain mileage. My car was a stop sale car and didn't have anywhere near the miles to get part 2b done at the time. It only now has crossed the 40k miles needed. The service manager at my local dealer and I had a talk about this and I called VWoA about it as well as the service manager said there was no outstanding emission work authorised to be done. After showing him the paperwork and explaining to him my issue with that it went to VWoA. Heard from the service manager just now and this is his email. This is probably a small percentage of people out there who didn't have the minimum amount of miles on their car needed to get part 2b done. Here you go.

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I learned something new today.

Volkswagen is now acknowledging the existence of a Phase two TDI modification. They say they will allow this process to be done on cars with over 70,000 miles. At that stage in the car’s life, they feel they will be living up to the standards set forth in the settlement.

Currently, all computer systems still do not recognize the existence of eligibility for any such repairs.

By the time you get there, perhaps that will change. If not, a simple call the customer care line you are already familiar with should resolve the issue.

Have a great weekend.

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Thanks for the update.Interesting.Thank you."

So after 70k miles or later I will get my new emissions system installed under the warranty.