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Apr 27, 2002
02 Jetta GLS Black
Hi all,

Been a looooong time since I have been on here as my 2002 Jetta (ALH) is working fine. Right now I am working on a friends (single mom, two kids, deadbeat dad you know the story) 2013 Jetta TDi with the CJAA motor. Today she got a flashing glow plug light and check engine light, but said the car drove normally. I scanned it and got a P0638 code. Code is for throttle Actuator Control. I have been doing some reading on the forum, but not what I am looking for. What I need to know is 1. where exactly is the throttle actuator control on a 2.0 TDi? A photo would be great if anyone has one. Secondly, can the actuator be cleaned and lubed, or it is a replace only part?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I know my way around an ALH, but the CJAA is a bit of a different animal. I posted this in the TDI 101 subforum but no responses so I will try here. Thanks aagain