P048C Issue


New member
Jan 24, 2023
2014 Jetta TDI
Hi all,

Apologies, this code has shown up in this forum several times from my searching, but haven't been able to find any conclusive answers for what I'm experiencing.

I got a CEL a few days ago and after a scan, it's throwing a P048C, for the exhaust pressure control valve. I've since taken it off, and was able to manually open an close the flap. I have connected the wire to the valve while disconnected from the exhaust, and can visually see the flap opening and closing (at least when I shut off the car - maybe significant?). So the flap isn't stuck at all, and the electronics seem to be working.

Is there potentially an issue with the electronics sending a wrong signal? Could there be something else (not the valve) where the electronics could be reading the wrong signal?

Much appreciated.