P026A code


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Jun 5, 2022
Audi A3
Hi, this is my second post about my p026a code. My first question left out some information on my situation. I have a 2012 a3 tdi with an egr delete, straight pipe and a stage 1 stevenson tune. One night I was driving it totally fine, parked it, came out the next morning and it wouldn't start. It has compression, and no lights on. I sprayed starter fluid and it fired up and ran fine, but when I drove it after i gave it about 50% throttle the car would stop accelerating and would just rev up. I checked fuel injectors and replaced the fuel lifter pump. While checking the injectors i had the fuel lines on the top of the motor off and another technician told me to crank it and see if fuel came out. When i cranked it it shot air bubbles. Injectors seemed fine and the fuel pump didn't fix it. I plugged in my little baby obd2 scanner and it gave me the p026a code. Could this cause the car to not start? I've never owned an audi let alone a diesel so I'm a might bit confused. Any information will be helpful. thank yas