opinion on KYB shocks


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Nov 29, 1999
Roanoke, Virginia USA
I still haven't changed the front struts because I am too cheap to spend over $100 per bilstien shock. I looked at other sites that sell KYB ($45). Any opinions about their use? Is this an issue where you get what you paid for?


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Mar 15, 1999
Joliet, IL USA
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You can do the Bilstein TC's for like $220 /set. Check out Danix's group buy in the FS section. These should provide a similar ride to the stock suspension, if I understand correctly.

I'm not a shock/strut expert, but I know the Bilsteins are supposed to be top dollar stuff, with the performance to match. The HD's come with a lifetime warranty to the original owner with receipt. That's good enough for me!


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Oct 15, 2002
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If you can afford it , definitely go with the Bilsteins. If not, I would use Boge Turbo gas struts (not Pro gas).I've made the mistake of using KYB Tokico Monroe etc in the past and none of them held up very well. I recently replaced the Boge front struts on my '96 Passat after 100,000 mi on them only because they had weakened some with my aftermarket (stiffer) springs, not that they had blown out or were leaking. That's typical performance for Boge on the 6 VW's I've installed them on in the past, plus I believe they have a lifetime warranty as well.