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Sep 25, 1997
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Please keep this thread On Topic so it remains concise and easy to follow. That way it'll stay a valuable resource for newbies and veterans alike.

If you're going to add a contact, please list the company name, contact name at the company, address and/or directions and of course, what is being offered.

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Nov 3, 2002
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For those who don't already know it I have a shop now on the west side of Fort Worth, not far from where I live. I also sell Motul brand products and use these products when I do oil changes and the antifreeze for the timing belts I do. The address to my shop is 8851 West Freeway Suite 105, Fort Worth TX 76116. It is near the intersection of I30 and Las Vegas Trail.
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Sep 27, 2005
Spicewood, Tx.
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I have a Diesel mod/service/light repair shop located on my 6 acres of land just west of our capitol city the fine hill country of Texas..

I do MOSTLY PD work..Cams, suspension, cluthes, TB, Mods, light fabrication work/fun...

I work on the Ford diesels as well...I have insurance and am a legitimate business..and a website..appointments only..

Call and ask...I like to chat as well...512.947.2957...Randy
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Jul 30, 2006
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I'm up in Denton TX, just north of Dallas. We've got a wonderful Rotary Lift and a full service shop, nothing is too big or too small.

Digi Sport Performance (
2401 Worthington drive suite 133
Denton, TX 76207
214-299-2748 Cell

We are open M-F 10 AM till 8 PM, but I'm available to drop off or pick up at any time including the weekends.

We are a Malone tuning dealer with tools for any VW or Audi

I do any work on any TDI Golf, Jetta, Beetle, Passat and A3. Timing belts, clutches, 5 speed swaps, Vag-Com VCDS recoding, mild to wild performance modifications from nozzles and chips to dishing pistons, Suspension work, maintenance, chainless conversions for passats, and rear main seals on late model TDIs (with the built in crank sensor).

I also work on gasser VWs, but my primary business is TDIs only. I can desludge 1.8T Golf, Jetta, Beetles, Passats and a4, and do A-B camshaft replacements on 2.0T engines, and of course all maintenance needs.

Current Specials for forum members till the end of 2014
1Z/AHU Timing Belt, Roller, Tensioner, Water Pump and Serpentine Belts $650

ALH Timing Belt, Rollers, Tensioner, Bolts, Water Pump and Serpentine Belt - $700

BEW/BHW/BRM Timing Belt, Roller, Tensioner, Bolts Water Pump and Serpentine Belt - $700

2009+ 2.0 CR Timing Belt Rollers, Tensioner, Water Pump and Serpentine Belt - $900
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Apr 8, 2010
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Tired of the Stealership prices. Tired of general mechanics not knowing how to work on your TDI's. Come visit our wonderful shop conveniently located in the heart of Plano right off of Central Expy.

VDubs Only
1601 N. Central Expy
Plano TX 75075

We have a fully equipped shop.

We fully stand behind our work and guarantee our work. Why have a TB replacement or any work done at a shop where the shop won't be around for your warranty needs!!! Have Peace of Mind when servicing your precious TDI.

Let us be your ONE STOP SHOP.

Revo Technik authorized Dealer.

State of the Art VW authorized Alignment just purchased
State of the Art Tire equipment with laser balancing capability.
Full A/C Service with Fully automatic and precise Machine.
State Inspection facility.

TB replacement
Trans. Service
DSG Service
Suspension work

Full Repair and Service is just a call away. Call us to schedule your next appointment.


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Feb 18, 2011
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I use a vendor in Little Rock, AR called Bob Myers Foreign Auto. He is mainly VW but works on BMW and Mercedes as well. Very happy with his service so far.