Not a MKIV issue but posting as some of you may of had this problem


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Jan 29, 2015
Mont-Pubis, Canuckistan
So my command start (third party) stopped working. The reason: I put an LED tailight bulb in my 2004 Jetta wagon. I'm guessing with it doesn't draw enough current to satisfy the remote start or it causes a transient power leak of some sort that the command start doesn't like.

Only my driver side bulb is hooked into the command start.

Sequence push start button on remote
- Tailights come on, front running lights come on
- doors lock
- Car goes to run
-Glow plug delay
- car starts
- only driver side tail light/ front running light remains on

So now everything happens except the actual starting, then the doors lock again and nothing.

I'm guessing the command start thinks either the brake pedal is pressed or something similar.

Anyone using LED have a similar issue? For the time being I put a normal bulb back just on the driver side.