no more VW's


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May 8, 2006
Berwick, Nova Scotia
None - did own '01 and '02 Jetta TDI

I have sold my '01 TDI that I bought from Jeff Brown. It needed body work and I was up for something new(er). So, I bought a 2011 Sonata - nice car, definitely the TDI was more solid, but this thing has so much room. The back seat is ridiculously large. I was thinking about getting another TDI but my father just lost his license (due to health reasons) so I graciously bought his 2011 Grand Cherokee 4x4 as well. I am quite impressed with the Jeep, it is getting 10.7L/100km; I think it was rated for 12+.

I must say that this forums is awesome compared to all the other crappy ones out there. This is the only forum that I have found so far that provides excellent technical knowledge.

I am going to continue to check out this site, but as of now, I will not be a VW owner (just a wannabe).