No fuse diagram available !!!


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Apr 14, 2005
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I drive a 2015 Passat and I know that there is no fuse diagram available anywhere, the dealer is no help. So if a fuse blows how do you know which one it is? I had the fuse for the 12volt outlet below the radio go on me. Because of the fuses I had installed I knew exactly which fuse it is since it was lit up very brightly. As far as I am concerned one of the better investments on my car ever.
If you're in the same boat then try my solution.

So what I had done a few years ago I bought a kit of 43 Lighted ATC fuses (Normal size) at Princess Auto.

Now I am also going to replace all the "Mini" fuses with GLO fuses. At Canadian Tire or PartSource but twice the cost of Princess Auto. Not sold at PA>