Nice Simple plywood Winter front


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Aug 6, 2007
Kansas City Missouri
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I haven't posted for years. Too pissed off at VW for sticking me with a $860 repair from the faulty pano roof drain/block overflow, wiring disaster (bundle of connectors under the A pillar). Then the recall for the faulty pano roof drain came out, and VWoA declined/ignored my requests for refund. AND, the technician that worked on it at the local dealership pulled the entire dash out because diagnostics told him DEF heater module was blown (was not!), broke the heating system when he put it all back together. Cold car. Oh, and then the fancy "two-stage" coolant pump grenaded, so I paid local TDI guru for timing belt service/new water pump and a new thermostat at 80k miles. Heater STILL doesn't work. Funk VWoA. I was a loyal customer!

But here I am, with a thermostat that won't close, again. No hot coolant for the heat exchanger, broken cabin heating controls anyway (heat blend selector). So here is a winter front option for anyone desperate to get the temperature above 100 degrees in the cooling system.

I used 1/4" plywood. I cut a straight 6" piece. Isn't quite perfect (there is a slight curve on each end), but this fits nicely. Top width is 34 3/4", bottom width is 31 1/4".
A little sanding, spray paint and holes drilled for U-bolts. The center U-bolt had long enough threads to get top and bottom nuts on. Side ones only top ("J-hook"). But it is very securely mounted.

New forum format doesn't like my Flickr hosted photo link. Sorry. Nice Winter Front. Heat went right up to normal temperature, finally. I'd love to post the pics. Anyone have guidance on howto? The photos are not huge, and they are hosted (Flickr). Not sure why the pics won't link/post. I will try to figure it out and post the pics.