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Rob Mayercik

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Dec 19, 2001
NJ, U.S.A.
2002 Jetta GLS, Baltic Green/Beige


Apr 5, 2021
Usa ohio
2014 Passat tdi
Hello to everyone. New guy to the forum. Not new to the car. Lol. 99.5 Jetta ALH 280K. I’ve had it since 90K. I can’t get enough of it. Lol. Was poking around the Internet looking for an intercooler pipe upgrade and decided this looks like a decent place for me.
Welcom fella I’m new to the tdi club and the vw fam. I found this site becuse I was looking for reasons my 2014 Passat tdi would throw a rod through the block in rapped acceleration? And ideas of why this would happen from any1 and how to prevent it the the vehicle only had 60k miles on it


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Feb 18, 2009
North Augusta, SC
2014 Jetta TDI
Wanted to reach out, I’m not brand new but be gone a while. Looking to hook up with all my TDI friends from around Columbia SC/Chaplin, and there about. Going to Columbia in the a.m. to look at a 2012 Passat TDI 2.0


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Jun 17, 2019
West Coast
I'm sometimes in the SF bay area and some times in the high desert at altitude, occasionally, I buy a car that's not a diesel but who cares about me, it's my cars you want to know about right?

My most recent car, new to me, is my second Passat, a 2004 TDI wagon with ~ 250K miles has been loved since new. The second owner bought it at less than 4K miles had used it mostly for very long commutes with every service done ahead of or on time. Timing belt was done less than 10K miles ago. I haven't seen mention of the balance shaft delete being done. I'm not familiar enough with these engine's sounds to really know the difference so I'll comb the receipts more carefully before embarking on the project.

The first B 5.5 Passat wagon I bought, and still have is a 2003 gasser, "bought it to learn on". Living dangerously, I bought it in limp mode, stuck in third gear from parents with a new born baby who were terrified of the car. After I looked at the car they called me back and cut their asking in half so for $500 I had a 140K mile 1.8 turbo wagon. Using VAGCOM Lite I reset the CEL after I did a transmission service, for what was probably by the look of it, the original fluid. It had been ~ 2.5 quarts to 3 qts, low on transmission fluid. I included a quart of TransX fluid which immediately slowed down the seeping of a transmission fluid leak. After 10K miles, I drained it again and again added more TransX fluid which this time stopped the leak entirely. I've now driven it another 30K miles and have had no further problems but I'll change the fluid again before too long.

There is also my much loved 1985 BMW 524TD I resurrected it from a front end crash. (OK, I was driving it in heavy SF traffic even if I wasn't at fault). A friend, who is a far better welder than I helped and did such a good job welding on the new front end that even some people who worked at body shops had trouble finding where the repair was.

Least I forget there's also a 1987 Mercedes 300TD wagon, the time MB got it right, well right, except for the engine head, modle # 14, where for decades after as they continued to failed and MB, not being a company to give up kept improving the head design. There were at least 5 or maybe 6 improved versions. The last was either a model # 21 or #22 which among the enthusiast's community is claimed not to fail. I pulled a factory new model, one design short of the newest, from a Mercedes in a Pick-n-Pull yard that was ~4K short of one million miles on the car. The car had been obviously been adored but it looked that it had been badly vandalized, the body beaten with some object with blunt force and then spray painted with what must have been multiple cans of epoxy paint. The last new stock of heads for this engine the dealers sold were ~ $3K each which was not too many years ago. I know of no other company to keep trying and fixing a design failure for more than 20 years after they stopped selling that model engine to finally again "get it right" .

I do have some more gas engine cars but since they're not Turbo Diesels, why would bring them up in this post :cool:
Apr 12, 2021
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1993 Golf Mark III Turbo-Diesel
I just became a member yesterday.

I first posted under the TDI101 forum, and was redirected to post here. I apologize for missing this forum. The following is what I wrote...

"I am a micro-manufacturer of an extreme quality serviceable engine thermostat assembly for the V.M. Motori R425 and R428 engines; most commonly found in the KJ Jeep Liberty/Cherokee vehicles in markets around the world.

My product is called the Hot Diesel Solutions Model 001 engine thermostat assembly. The Model 001 optimizes engine operating temperatures for maximum fuel economy, power production and long engine life. I have a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

I am looking to repeat the success of my product with other diesel engines, starting with the V.M. Motori RA428 engine found in several types of vehicles, but most commonly in the Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon pickup trucks here in North America. I am wondering if VW TDI vehicles have a thermostat assembly as well: essentially, it would be enclosed in a cheap cast aluminum housing.

Best regards,


I have since determined, for the time being at least, that my services are not required for VW TDI engines. That is O.K. with me; my wife has a 93 VW Golf Turbo-Diesel that will require advice from fellow owners on this forum. I look forward to communicating with members in the future.