New to me 05 Golf GLS TDI


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Apr 17, 2020
Edmonton, AB
05 Golf
Picked up a COVID project on Monday. Last year I briefly had an 02 Golf TDI Auto, I sold it only 2 months after getting it and doing a bunch of tinkering, shortly after I regretted it, and decided to look for another. I picked up this 05 GLS from the second owner, who has owned it since 09. It has been maintained and cared for well, it has higher mileage than I was hoping, but the car looks like it has 1/4 of that. It currently has 396,000KM on it, the car has the BEW engine with a 5 speed. The car is all original besides a single mass flywheel installed. I have a bunch of paperwork for parts and stuff since almost new, I have the original owners manual in both English and French in the little binder thing, even have the PDI checklist still. The car has the original winter rubber and summer carpet floor mats. For the issues, the car has the expected cam issues, I have the parts on the way along with a timing belt kit with water pump thats overdue. I dont have many pictures, but this car is pretty much rust free, the engine is spotless other than a valve cover leak, I took a picture of the oil pan and lower side of the engine.
Just after I got it home, still on the trailer:
Still on the Trailer 1
Still on the Trailer 2
396,000KM engine bay
Deeper in Engine bay
Oil pan and engine bottom
Lower engine
My old 02 Golf Front, can see my B2200 in background
My old 02 Golf Rear, this car had an oil consumption issue, 1L/1000KM
About myself, I am a 4th year Heavy Equipment Technician in Alberta, I have been around mechanics since I was in elementary, currently 35 years old. I am supposed to be a Journeyman in the next few weeks, I was in my last 2 months of school, then this COVID-19 pandemic hit, and school got cancelled, but I am back working at least. I have a bunch of old cars that I bought as needing work, and fixed up to drive, this Golf will likely replace my 01 Ford Focus wagon, its a 5-speed manual, and gets a decent 6-8L/100KM closer to 6 on the highway, closer to 8 in the city. I also have a 98 Volvo V-70 AWD with the 5-Cylinder low pressure turbo. My oldest toy is a 1993 Mazda B2200 pickup that I swapped a 13B rotary engine back in 2014, currently on a standalone ECM.